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Lost and Found, a true story

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Well, Brandon & I were down at the cookhouse on Thursday afternoon after a ride up to gunsight near Kaiser Peak swapping tall tales, and Sundance ( aka Prancer) was taking a nap tied to the ring tree near the washhouse. All of a sudden, Sundance wakes up startled and up rides Angela Ausman and her friend ( Karolyn Waggle). Angela stopped by 'cuz she had found a nice jacket with fleece lining along the trail from Potter Pass. She left it with us at the pack station in the hope it might find its owner. We visited a few minutes then they went along their way home.

The rest of the story............

As it turns out, our very own Shasta Forrester, (wrangler & friend) had lost that vest while taking a group of customers up to Upper Twin Lake on a ride the Monday before that, and she was VERY happy that Angela had found her vest & brought it "home".

And now , the twist in the story............ The picture with Shasta & Sundance BOTH wearing caps is from last year when Sundance ( the horse) found a hat in Coyote Lake while they were on a pack trip...He found it in the mud, and played with it until Shasta & Molly washed it up, and then put it on his head!! You just can't make this stuff up guys!! or is it a tall tale?? only Shasta & Molly know the truth!

Thank you Angela Ausman! And happy trails to all...........

D&F pack station


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Sep 11, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I’m so glad she got her vest back! That was a great day trip! Thanks guys for a wonderful ride!

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