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"Deer Tracks make mighty thin soup", so........... ask Luke where the big bucks are hanging out.

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Well, this year the last big trip out of D&F Pack Station was a hunting trip, and they did good. As the old saying goes.... " Deer tracks make mighty thin soup." , but this was a good hunt with a fine young buck taken and many enjoyable days spent roaming around the mountains in search of his older ( and bigger ) brothers. All the hunters enjoyed fresh venison back at camp, and plenty to take home along with memories and stories of cougars screaming at them from 85 yards away, black bears, bucks the size of babe the blue ox, steep mountains to climb................etcetera....etcetera....etcetera....Of course, having the horses bring you and all your gear up to a quiet spot at 9,000 feet of elevation and lots of deer roaming around is really nice.....

In any case, Luke picked a good spot this year, but he can choose from 3 different wilderness areas: Kaiser, Dinkey, & John Muir. Lots of spots for good deer hunting, but you gotta pick the right one... Just ask Luke...........He'll help you figure out a great spot!



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