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CLIFF LAKE ..... The jewel in the crown of lakes in Dinkey Wilderness !

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Cliff Lake is a secluded, quiet alpine lake at 9,500 feet of altitude with beaches, good fishing, breathtaking cliff backdrop, beautiful camping spot, occasional snowbanks for playing ( or cocktails) , and is located within 2 miles of 7 lakes ( First Dinkey lake, Second Dinkey lake, Rock Lake, Little Lake, Island Lake, South Lake, Swede Lake ) in Dinkey Wilderness. Cliff lake is located 5 miles away from Courtwright reservoir in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Cliff Lake is a wonderful, secluded vacation spot. However, it is hard to get camping gear, food, and provisions into Cliff lake because you cannot bring gear into Cliff Lake and return in 1 day. It takes 2 days... Or 1 super long day! 1 day to go there, and 1 day to return. If you are interested is such a wonderful, unique vacation, then give us a call and we can work out all of the details with you to make it happen.



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