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Good Night All! What a wonderful 2023 season! Happy Halloween to all, and we'll see you next year!

Well, it has been a wonderful season with lots of snow, and riding, and camping, and hunting. Actually, our last big pack trip in September was a hunting trip into the back country and they were able to dine on fresh venison back strap during their trip. You can read more about that in the hunting post. Our last ride of the season up to Kaiser Ridge was made by Conrad Prejean from Louisiana. We brought most of the stock down a few days after the hunting trip, and George brought the last 2 down on September 27th.

We want to thank you all for your support and encouragement this summer and we look forward to seeing you all next summer! We are expanding some of our services and we are working on using our Badger Flat spike camp more next summer for Horse camping etcetera......

We also wish you all a wonderful Halloween with lots of candy for the kids, and a late night for all the moms & dads out there taking care of the little ones.

Molly & Luke

D&F Pack Station



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